Friday, January 25, 2013


I've come to the end of my hose with Petersen911...

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It will take me a few days to put it together so be patient with me : )

Saturday, December 1, 2012


It seems I can't blog anymore because I've used up all of my "free" space so until I decide to pony up, I will be on forced excile...Meaning, I can still write I just can't add photos.  : (

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jeffrey's First Homecoming

Jeffrey went to Homecoming a couple of months ago.  I know, I'm a little behind but better late than never, right?   He got his friends Bailey and Kale together and they asked 3 cute girls, and they all had a blast!  Dinner at Malawi's Pizza, bowling, the dance and a movie at Kales house.  

Bailey, Jeff and Kale

Jeffrey and his date Kandice

The group!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Parts and Procedures (part 2)

Just a quick follow up to the parts and procedures post from a month ago.  If any of you "older" women out there are thinking about this ablation procedure, I would definitely recommend it.   

My experience so far has been great. The sum total of my first post-op cycle was like the last day of my previous know what that means.  Plus an added bonus was that it only lasted 2 days!

A word of caution though, you will still have PMS (because you still have your ovaries) and all that that includes...breakouts, emotions, etc.

Other than that, it's awesome!!

Now I can finally "Have a HAPPY period"!  : )

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ticket, Ticket, who got a Ticket?

It only took a month and a half after getting HIS license and this is fairly old news but it is still "news worthy" for my blog.  It is purely for record keeping and has nothing to do with public humiliation : )  At least that's what I told Jeffrey. 

In our lovely state, new/young drivers cannot give rides to friends for 6 whole months, which I think is a great idea.  One day, Jeffrey decided to test this law didn't go well for him!  The policeman stopped him for speeding and not signaling but let him off the hook for those two infractions.  He was only sited for the "graduated license" infraction.  Now, that said, he is a better, more cautious driver than the older sisters, combined, but he's definitely not as lucky as they are.  
It's AWESOME to get letters from the District Court!!

Good news for Jeffrey though, the portion of the ticket that he was nailed for was NOT considered a moving violation and therefore it doesn't go on his record and even better, won't raise our insurance, because if that had happened...he would have been called  
BUS RIDER Jeff.!!!
Which, for a nearly 17 year old boy/man, would have been hysterical a real bummer!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Parts and Procedures

So this post might prove to be too much information for some readers.  It involves female parts, a surgical procedure, tests and squished parts.  If this sounds like too much for you, then I would suggest you stop reading and move on to another blog or Face Book.  

Don't say I didn't warn you!

It all began when I was 14...just kidding.  I'm not going to talk about my entire menstruation cycle.  It's a rather disturbing, pain in the arss that I plan on talking to God about when I get the chance.   

I'm posting this for all of my friends who are approaching the age of ...
"I'm done having babies and SICK of having my period" 

This is where I have been for, oh say, 13 years now.  Only YOU will know when you are to that point.  Don't let anyone else tell you when.  

For that last 3 years, that time of the month has become increasingly awful.  Crazy schedule, sometimes lasting up to 10 days, very heavy flow, cramping, low energy, etc.   Can you say SICK & TIRED of dealing with it?

I've had 2 very good friends have this procedure that basically cauterizes the uterus so that you no longer have periods or very mild ones at least, but it doesn't take away the hormones that the ovaries provide.  It's called an ablation of the uterus.  They're are a couple different ways to do this.

The first friend to have this done had the balloon procedure done.  I can't remember what the technical term is but the gist of it is that they insert a balloon (I'm sure it's not your average everyday party balloon) fill it with very hot water until it pushes against the walls of the uterus and burns/cauterizes it.  Sounds unpleasant, I know!  She was awake during the entire thing, taking only a Valium and some ibuprofen!!  She suffered later at home when she couldn't get her body temperature down until she laid on her cold tile floor almost naked.  She also endured major cramping much like labor pains but with no baby at the end of it.  I felt so bad for her!!  

The second friend had the Novasure procedure done with a laser, while she was under general anesthesia.   Basically, they knock you out, laser the inside of your uterus and then wake you up.  She had some pretty strong cramps too but they sent her home with some good drugs!  

In my research to solve my problems, I spoke with both of them plus roamed the internet for information and comments from women who had this procedure done.  I made an appointment with a female doctor (I like them for female junk just because they KNOW what I'm talking about), we did the exam and told me that I'd be a great candidate for the Novasure procedure.  She ordered blood tests to check my hormones and thyroid and a mammogram (this is the squished parts part).  Got to love those!!  Good news, everything was "within the normal range" what ever that means.  I'm just happy they think I'm somewhat normal!

I scheduled the procedure, Dave took me in, they knocked me out, woke me up, waited until I could make it to the bathroom, and sent me home...with some good drugs!  I waited and waited for the horrific cramps/labor pains to to knock me down, but they never came.  I have had 4 babies with NO epidural so I was expecting the worst.  That is a pain that you NEVER forget!  

I took ONE pain pill, slept the anesthesia off, had a little discharge and was back up a going 2 days after.  Pretty dang slick!  I feel very lucky to have had such an easy recovery.  

My first friend said that she'd do it again even though it was pretty bad.  Her results were worth it.  The second friend said she's thrilled with the results and so far, so am I.  If you are to that point in your life, I would recommend this.  It doesn't stop you from going through menopause, which is another beast in and of itself.  I think that our Creator has some splainin to do to us women types.  Just sayin.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Okay, so my last post seemed a little, shall I say, SAD.  It was just one of those days.  What can I say?   Since I've already established that my head is swirling with thoughts of my impending "unemployment", I decided that instead of focusing of the bummer parts of having the kids grow up and out, I would focus on the positive instead, and there are plenty.  These are MY possiblities.  Things that I can now explore., landscaping, design, decorating, real estate, cooking, history, travel, religion, computer, graphic design, cosmetology, sketching, agent, landscape designer, realtor, interior designer, volunteer.

For my health...cardio (start using my treadmill again), weights, drink more water (I'm really bad at this), friend therapy, taking more time with friends by making that phone call right when I think about it, no hesitation,  mug on Dave more often (it's for my health after all), go for walks with Dave, get a pedicure 4 times a year.

These are just some of MY possibilities!  My future is looking up...